Our Technology in San Leandro Orthodontics

3D x-rays (iCAT) and 3D intraoral scanner (iTero)

San Leandro Orthodontics is pleased to have the i-CAT 3D imaging system in our office. It allows Dr. John Huang to provide a comfortable, safe, and effective imaging to provide the best orthodontic diagnoses possible.

With our i-CAT imaging, our patients obtain a better understanding of their own anatomy, conditions, and treatment. The digital images also are great tool for us to communicate and coordinate treatment among the other members of the dental community, including our patient’s dentist, oral surgeon, periodontist and others.

i-CAT 3D imaging also provides data that is extremely useful for other dental treatments or diagnoses such as:

    • Extra or missing teeth
    • Wisdom teeth extractions
    • Evaluation of impacted teeth
    • TMJ assessment
    • Assessments of cleft lip and palates
    • Placement of dental implants
    • Facial analysis

San Leandro Orthodontics is proud to be one of the few orthodontic offices in our area that uses the i-CAT imaging system. We are so excited to consistently bring new technological advances to our office to provide excellent standard of care and treatment plans.