Orthodontist in San Leandro

When my son first got his braces we had a hard time looking for the right price and the right service. We went to other places and we saw that their service was really bad. When we found this office we got an appointment, talked to the orthodontist and loved the service. 2 years passed, my son got his braces off and my daughter needed her right away and I knew the place to go. The payments are affordable and the services make my daughter feel better about having braces. Good smiles, for good service.
- Cosme S., San Leandro

I recommend this orthodontics office because everyone is professional and friendly. Also, the energy of everyone in the office is positive and energetic. One important thing I noticed is that you do have personnel that can speak and communicate in different languages. Thank you for that.
- Cecilia V., San Leandro

We love Dr. Huang very much for taking care of my daughter. We feel very comfortable coming to his office because of all his wonderful staff that work there. They always greet us with joy and happiness. Sometimes I have to reschedule my daughter’s appointments, and they are always happy to do so. They’re very understanding and willing to help anybody out when they need it. Overall, I love their service.
- Trong P., San Leandro

We enjoy the office’s overall attitude. Everyone is professional, helpful, encouraging and kind. The office is a welcoming environment and they encourage patients to be active and responsible in their part of the treatment process. Also the rewards system they put in place helps to get patients more involved in a positive manner. It’s not forced, it’s optional.
- Stevie T., Hayward

Dr. Huang runs a very professional orthodontic office. They are personable and friendly and always willing to take the time to answer any questions. They have a competent staff who take great care of their patients.
- Amy, Curtis, and Andrew J., Oakland

You are awesome guys and we will surely recommend you to our friends and relatives. Just maintain that friendly smile.
- Anges S., San Leandro

I love it! I love it! Thank you for your time in taking care of my daughter. I love your price, its great!
- Sandra G., Oakland

One of the best treatments I received. Staff is always helpful, cheerful and the work surrounding is always upbeat. It’s never boring and it’s a comfortable surrounding. Treatments are always on times, so there is no wait. Patient teaching is always there to educate patients and help treatment be more effective.
- H.Y, San Leandro

San Leandro Orthodontics have the best staff. They must be the most friendly and customer service oriented people anywhere. The braces were installed quickly and Dr. Huang made sure to answer all my questions. Already, progress is being made! Thanks so much!
- Yingi J., San Lorenzo

I first met Dr. Huang when my dentist referred me to his practice in 2008. I had a slight overbite and some crowding in my bottom teeth. Right away you could tell he was an expert in his field, he presented his plan and soon after I found myself wearing braces. He offers several payment plans or you can pay upfront as I did and get a hefty discount. I was concerned with appearance as I was going to be a senior in high school and a little older than the average pre-teen wearing braces so he offered ceramic braces which were almost invisible besides the wire. I also got an invisible-like retainer which is invisible after my braces were removed. Appointments were always convenient and worked my school schedule. We were at times a few minutes late due to traffic and I was still very well accommodated and never had to wait much before I was called in. In about a year my braces were off and I had a perfect smile on which I still get many comments about. A few years later, my little sister, Jasmine, needed braces and we knew exactly who to go to; Dr. Huang! They have now moved to a very nice new office which is very modern and comfortable. If anyone is looking for orthodontic care, my family highly suggest you see them for a smile you’ll be happy about for the rest of your life! Thanks Dr. Huang!
- Alan M., Castro Valley

The San Leandro Orthodontics practice is an amazing group of people. From the doctor to the staff members, each person is professional, knowledgeable, kind and very patient. The practice itself is very effectively run and each person has a big smile for you each time they see you. You feel like a family member the minute you walk in for your first appointment. The doctor delivers the results that are explained to you on the initial visit. They help to ease your fears about the procedures. One way they help is to talk to you through each procedure as they perform it. They also provide clear instructions on what to do after each appointment. If there is ever any problem, the doctors are easy to reach and are there to help you immediately. My braces have been off for quite some time now, but I return for 6 month routine visits, at no cost to me! The doctors ensure that my retainers are fully functional so that my teeth remain straight and beautiful. I am very grateful to the San Leandro Orthodontics group for helping to make a positive difference in my life.
- Ferne C., Oakland

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